AMGYPSUMv 126 (1)

               AGATE MOROCCO                               GYPSUM                                   PRASIOLITE   

SCHALENBLENDEchryzopraz 5 (1)66 (1)

             SCHALENBLENDE                        CHRYSOPRASE                                   JASPER    


                PYRITE                                         HALITE                              ARAGONITE         


            AGATE POLAND

 Welcome in Earth Treasures mineral shop.


Check all category in our mineral shop to find best minerals and fossils from Poland, Europe, Morocco and other parts of world.

We offer You high quality gem minerals, beautifull crystals, polished agates from Poland and Morocco. We recomend You to see rare gypsum green, new find prasiolite from Sokolowiec, polished schalenblende, halite blue or aragonite. All speciemens in our mineral shop are well packed and sending by priority air post mail.

If You are interested in buying some specimens please register at the website and use mineral shop component.

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We can insert for You auction with interested You specimen on Ebay services.



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